Biography in English

biografia-espaIn 2001 after a lifetime of many artistic productions, Elior surprised us with a triple album collection called “Between heaven and Earth” with most of his songs made of ancient prayers in English, Spanish, Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic which won him the praise from the critics all over the continent, in less than a year, getting both the attention of EWTN which is a Catholic Channel that beams to all of Latin America, and by Enlace, the Evangelical Christian Channel that originates out of Costa Rica and also beams to all of Latin America, and other important programs such as CLUB 700 in Colombia. His message appealed to all everyone, given its all inclusive nature which basically is 3,000 years united by prayers.

Of this album, a shorter version was born, which kept most of the English and Spanish songs, and the very best of the Ancient Hebrew songs, called “The Essential” which made this work more accessible to the Christian audiences, and “SHACHARIT” which features only the Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic prayers meant specially for Jewish audiences in the same order they are prayed to this day.

Elior then made an entire album in Spanish called “Oración por la libertad” (a prayer for freedom) with the lyrics of Luz Carime Botero, which touched everybody because it dealt with social issues such as the one of the civil war that has ravaged Colombia and many other countries in the world, but mainly the song called “Manitas del Cielo” (Little hands from Heaven) got a tremendous amount of airplay in the radio stations, since it’s a song against abortion; this song also helped defeat a bill in Congress whose sole purpose was the legalization of abortion on demand.

His particular music style, his friendly demeanor have made him absolutely a success in the spiritual music genre in our country. His work indeed created a platform to cooperate with all Christians in issues that concern all of society, such as the right to life, victims of war, and the need to raise both the conscience and help raise the funds that are required to help those in need.

What is clear is that his intention is to serve a higher purpose, one that will help bring light into the lives of his listeners, one that is clearly associated with his strong spiritual beliefs, and his love for God.

Elior’s new work is called “Love is all” (El Amor es todo) which has a majority of songs in English and some in Spanish; In all the songs, the common thread is “Love” in its many ramifications, some that clearly apply to the love of one another, others to the love of God, done in such subtle ways that it will be heard everywhere since it’s upbeat, its message is one that can embrace everyone, and it’s exquisitely produced. This work soon will be announced. In the meantime, enjoy all of his previous work.

09 – Ese Amor // El Amor es
  1. 09 – Ese Amor // El Amor es
  2. 10 – La Oración Sencilla // El Amor es
  3. 11 – El Amor nunca deja de ser // El Amor es
  4. 12 – I know better than that now // El Amor es
  5. 14 – Forget what you’re thinking // El Amor es
  6. 15 – Our Father // El Amor es
  7. 13 – Love Is // El Amor es